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I’m interested in hardware architectures, in particular specialized accelerators.

I’m also interested and the new modern ways of designing hardware architectures. The new generation of Electronic Design Automation tools (including high-level synthesis and other abstract tools) brings new methodologies to hardware designers, but also new opportunities to the hardware/software design world.

Most importantly, it comes with a new research era: how to efficiently use low-level hardware components (LUTs, registers, or even logic gates) from higher-level descriptions than the traditional RTL abstraction. Indeed, hardware designs can be derived from high-level hardware descriptions, algorithms, set of constraints, programs written in various programming languages (imperative, functional, domain-specific), etc. and I’m convinced that starting from a more abstract source helps deriving good hardware, from specialized operators to high-level architectural decisions.

I also show interest in functional programming and reproducibility.

 Students

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 Selected publications

Marty, T. (2022, mars). Spéculation temporelle pour accélérateurs matériels [theses, Université de Rennes 1].
Derrien, S., Marty, T., Rokicki, S. et Yuki, T. (2020). Toward Speculative Loop Pipelining for High-Level Synthesis. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 39(11), 4229‑4239.
Marty, T., Yuki, T. et Derrien, S. (2020). Safe Overclocking for CNN Accelerators Through Algorithm-Level Error Detection. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 39(12), 4777‑4790.
Marty, T., Yuki, T. et Derrien, S. (2018, décembre). Enabling Overclocking Through Algorithm-Level Error Detection. 2018 International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (FPT) (p. 174‑181).
Kritikakou, A., Marty, T. et Roy, M. (2017). DYNASCORE: DYNAmic Software COntroller to Increase REsource Utilization in Mixed-Critical Systems. ACM Trans. Des. Autom. Electron. Syst., 23(2), 13:1‑13:26.

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